Youth Sewing Classes/Summer Camp

Today is a bittersweet day for me after teaching the kids class for over 17 years this will be my last year teaching the kids classes End with Dec 2017  I will not longer offer Sat (or any day) classes for kids. I’ve had the pleasure of teaching a great number of children in the Charlotte area to sew. Many have gone on to caress in the textile area- many will have the great pleasure of sewing for a lifetime.  At this time I feel impressed to move on to another chapter in my life. I have been impressed for over 2 years that the Lord has something else for me to do. I’m not sure at this time, but as one door closes the other one opens. With much tears in my eyes I write this I always talked about the Kids in my class as my kids.


I am not taking on any more Youths at the time — you are welcome to add their name to the waiting list –I am teaching someone to take over for me –She looking to to start very soon so please add your child name to the waiting list I will be passing the list to her.

Youth Sewing Club Month to Month Classes –
Have a budding fashion designer? Have a crafty child?

This class is designed for youth who are interested in sewing. We will cover a variety of topics through different projects.
Some of the projects covered are a tote bag, quilt, and pajamas. This course goes at the pace of each individual student.

Age 8-16 years old
Classes are 2 hours and 45 mins long twice a month, Classes are project-base at the pace of the individual
New students are welcome at the beginning of the month. Students are encouraged to have their own sewing machine (machine are available on request)

The Youth classes do not have a starting date, I take new students as I have openings, I have a schedule the follow at a beginner, and each student moves to each project at their own rate. So no one left behind.

NOTICE FOR SOME REASON MY EMAIL ADDRESS THAT I USE TO REPLY TO ALL EMAIL IT’S BEING BLOCKED ON YAHOO, GMAIL, AND HOT MAIL. I always answer all emails within 24 hours so if you don’t receive a reply please email on Facebook. Sorry for this inconvenience and I am working with Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail to fix this problem




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