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So you’ve decided to learn to sew, or maybe just brush up on your sewing skills. Maybe you’re wanting to whip up a new wardrobe or decorate your new home with pillows or curtains. Taking a piece of flat fabric and fashioning it into something you, your home, or your friends can wear is so satisfying.

Sewing it’s relaxing, frustrating, rewarding and fun, take your time to practice, take a few classes if available and never be afraid to stitch a seam because what you stitch together can be unstitched. I’m going to share with you all my tricks, tips and skills that took me over 40 years to learn. I’m learned a lot how to teach beginner over the pass 14 years.

Even though I grew up around my mother that sewed most of our clothes. I started sewing then I was around 7 years old and was sewing for other people at 14.   I sewed off and on for years. Then one day someone at churched asked if someone can sew and of cause I volunteered to make 18 costumes in two weeks and it released so much stress it felt great.

I relish the times that I get to sit at my machine and concentrate on a dress, pillows or set of drapes that are not only fun to make but also beatify my home and my self. The real joy of sewing is that you get to have just what you want, the exact fabric, the exact fit, the exact financial investment which frees you up to so many new world  of sewing

My approach it to assume you know nothing and we will take it one step at a time. I will take you though the tools you need to start will and as your skill grow I will show more tools and how to use them.   There all many tools out there we will start with the ones used most office and why. When you go in the fabric store most of the tools are called “notions”.

I’m a hands on teacher so after we learn the tools to start with I will teach you thread you sewing and we will practice how to sewing straight with a great little tool that you won’t want to sew without it, more on that later.

I’m a big believer it teaching you make your item look professional. Hand made not home made. One thing most commercial pattern will not show how to do that. ( Insert pictures of my dress)   I will teach you how to use all the feet that came with your sewing machine and maybe some you don’t have.

There it’s so much the learn, but you will be up and sewing in a few short lessons. Time to stop waiting till later to learn, now you can do it, now at your own pace, you can go back over a lesson at any time to relearn it till you know it backwards and forwards.

I love teaching new sewer and seeing you eyes light up when you get it or when you learn why your machine action that way. It’s nothing better then showing you a new technique.  My teaching style very laid-back. I think sewing should be fun and a stress reducer not a stress inducer. So relax and enjoy the journey. You can and will learn to sew.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Someone else may have that same question and will not ask, so you may be helping them by asking. Last but not least have fun.

More coming soon

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