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I purchase dthis pattern a few months back because, I needed a PDF pattern will this shape collar. Will I purchased  a lot of patterns in my life time and I can say this one it great. I’ve  sew a lot of dresses in my time also, and I love PDF’s more then page patterns now because I’m a messing and I tend to lost my pattern pieces, now no worries about that, because I can go in a print that pieces again and again… I also love PDF’s because I can print off all the sizes I need and not have to buy three and four copies of page patterns.  This pattern its available at Craftsy clink here if you would like to purchase it

Then you first open the file you are greeted it with this awesome photograph showing off this pattern. I like to open my pfd reader to see all the pagers in the side bar and how many pager are include with the pattern. It give me a great over view of the pattern

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I love the way Modkids do with their PDFs they use a dot dot dash for the different sizes, with I LOVE, LOVE since I print with a laser Black and white printer. Hit, Hit to all the pattern maker out there.   So I can tell which size it which, without having to have my computer up to see the different colors for the sizes.  She also includes the colors for people that print with a ink printer in color.


The other think they do they label which piece goes there — (overlap shaded area with …..) it that not nice to match on the pieces, no more guessing did I do that right.   Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 11.02.02 AM

In addition to the great patterns she writes well easy to follow,   She give a nice list for fabric suggestion, nice charts on sizing, the notions needed, how to be sure it prints the right size, how to lay out your pattern pieces on the fabric, I can go on and on about this pattern. I have make a few dresses out of this, I did add a sleeve that I drafted, but it a great pattern just the way it is. Be sure to see all of MODKID patterns on Craftsy


Here a few of the dresses I’ve made using this pattern Annie Dress By Ruth Sewing Room Design annieforwebsite

To Purchase the dresses you can find them at Ruth Sewing Room Design on Etsy or Facebook




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