Zippers, the mere word causes some to run with fright.

Zippers, the mere word causes some to run with fright.

Overcast the fabric edge using your overcast foot,where the zipper will be placed. (the whole edge from top to bottom). Overcasting it first will keep the fabric from fraying and getting caught in the zipper.


After you have overcasted the fabric, pin the two fabric together right side togetherOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Look for the little metal zipper stop at the end of the zipper, and mark your fabric at that point using a fabric marking pen.

Machine baste (see notes on machine basting) the seam where the zipper will be placed and stitch the rest of the seam with a regular stitch.
Stitch without stopping between the two difference stitches. Tip: I like to stitch this seam at 6/8” to give enough room for the zipper to fit in the seam

After you sew the seam press the seam open.
Place the zipper on top of the seam facing down.

After you are sure you have the zipper facing down, un- zip the zipper. Line up the teeth of the right side of the zipper with the right side of the seam and pin the zipper tape to the seam allowance only.

After you pin the right sides of the zipper only to the seam allowance you will sew the zipper to the seam allowance only. Placing the zipper foot close to the zipper teeth. Do not stitch too close to the teeth so the
zipper pull can go up and down

After you stitch that right side, (using your zipper foot) zip the zipper close and pin it to the left side,making sure the zipper is laying flat next to the fabric. Tip:when stitching the left side of the zipper stitch from the bottom to the top
and you will not have to change the position of the zipper foot.

Do not open the basting stitches at this time Stitch the same way you stitched the right side only to the seam allowance.

Now lay the garment open on a table with right side facing you. With a ruler and marking pen draw a straight line down the right side, about 1/4” away from the seam and across the zipper about 1/2” above the zipper stop. Then back up the left side. This mark will help you stitch straighter on the out side of your garment.
Now you can remove the basting stitches. After you have removed the basting stitches you can slide the zipper pull down out of the way and finish stitching the top part of the zipper still using your zipper foot.


Congratulations! You have just finished putting in a center zipper. Look back and enjoy. Please free to ask question, and let me know how it worked for you. Click here to download a center zipper

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